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For anyone trying to reach me, the power here in Jacksonville has been flickering all morning (or at least since 4:00 a.m. when I woke up).

If you can't reach me by cell phone and you have my land line number and you're really worried, try the land line. Not sure if I have work today or not. They've closed all the bridges, but my supervisor has not called me yet to tell me if I have to work or not.

Winds are supposed to get up to 60mph. If the power goes out, I won't be answering my cell phone or text messaging to save the battery. The phone will actually be off to save battery. I'll check text messages and voice mail when the power comes back on an call/text you back. Yes, I know, I'm going to check my voice mail. LOL

I don't think the storm is that bad yet, but. . . it keeps getting stronger. LOL It's been literally inching along the coast causing a ton of flooding and I really don't want to be out driving around in it. . . but if work tells me to come in. . . I'm not using my annual/credit leave that's for my trip to see Tayler. Worked too hard to get that leave and I wouldn't have enough time to build more. That trip means too much to me at this point and I need to be there. ^_^

Apparently, they closed my mom's office and told them not to come in today. As far as I know, I still have to go in there. Grrrr... . .

Ok. I'm moving everything away from the windows. Screens are shaking pretty bad. Poor Dante has been in the bathroom for like 2 days. LOL He's going crazy in there!

We'll I'll get online later if I can. But the power is probably going out within the next 2 hours.
At least I have lots of candles and lots of artwork to work on! ^_^

Bring it!

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Well, I ended up not finishing the 2nd chapter of the manga. I really don't have many pages left to illustrate, but what's left isn't exactly the easiest thing I've ever drawn. . . *sigh*

Oh well. Either way, sales were OK. For some reason, sales weren't as good at Megacon (the first convention I sold art at). I attribute a lot of that to where I was seated: right in front of a GIGANTIC SELLER with 7 booths selling mass-produced-posters for $10.00. It was really disheartening watching everyone walk up to the booth next to mine and then catch a glimpse of what was over there and just run away from my booth without ever turning back. But that's ok. Stuff like that is gonna happen and I'm taking it really well. Although, I am going to improve the overall look of my booth after getting some ideas from the people around me.

I've pretty much finished the Death Note acrylic painting I've been working on. I kinda stopped working on it for a while to catch up on the manga (so tough to balance fan art and original art with my schedule) since I knew that I was taking people down to the convention with me. It wouldn't have fit in the car anyways.

I did finish a Tifa and Cloud picture although it didn't copy quite as well as I had hoped so we're going to mess around with the print quality a little to make it look better.

Metrocon overall was a lot of fun even though I was angst-y and stressed for the vast majority of the convention for reasons that I won't mention. . . but the people involved know exactly what I'm talking about. We've pretty much abandoned doing the Hare Hare Yukai with anyone other than me and Pandachan. The costume for someone who was interested in being Nagato never came and our Koizumi bailed on us at the last second (never even showed up to the convention). I've been frustrated over that for a while now because I love performing the dance but I have no one who will actually do it with me in a group and it's just not working with just me and Pandachan. We need at least one more reliable person. So frustrating.

I was a little disappointed in the staff of Metrocon. It saddened me that the were ridiculously unorganized. Although there was this one really nice lady - Liz I think her name was - running the artist alley section and she was great! This poor lady was running all over the place trying to rectify situations and just trying to help people out. So sweet! ^_^

This was actually Paradox's first anime convention! He cosplayed for the first time as L (Death Note being one of the few anime titles he's actually seen). It looked like he and another friend of ours had a lot of fun.

The Otaku-High Ultimate Trivia Tour went well also. . . soon to come - names of the winners!

Well, I have to get around to posting two AMVs. I actually won two awards at the AMV competition. I'll be sure to edit the link in here or you can just go to YouTube and look under DestinationYume. I can't believe I won something!!!!!! These weren't, in my opinion, anything great. . . but apparently the judges enjoyed them. ^_^ Although, one of them they couldn't show because of content. . . oops! Well, it wasn't really an oops as much as it was the entire thing. . . too many sexual references I think. . . although. . . at least the audio track was bleeped. But yeah, it was just that wrong. And I'm not to proud of making that kind of AMV, but. . . it just had to be made. It was actually the first thing that came to my mind after hearing the "Junk in a Box" song on SNL.


If you're gonna watch it. . . I hope that you enjoy it. . . Please know this: I can make good quality AMVs. . . but, for whatever reason, I have a feeling that's the AMV that I'm gonna be known for (if any at all). Kinda embarrassing. . .

More to come later on Metrocon!


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Well, after much frustration and stress, I'm back on track for Chapter 2 of Yume and even some Fan Art!

I'm probably not going to have as much Fan Art as I'd like to have. . . because of all the stuff going on at the "day job",  but that's ok!  There will still be new bookmarks and one or two new pieces of art to look forward to in addition to the manga.

I've got about 25 pages or so left to draw. . . lol. . . that's like the whole thing.  *sigh*

More good news!

I'm back to writing The Second War.  It looks like that book's going to run between 30 and 35 chapters and will be a lot faster than Yume's book.  The manga, however, (even though I'm not going to start that one until Yume is finished) will probably be twice as long.  I'm really just looking to animate The Second War once I get to that point.  It's a little difficult writing it when I keep thinking about episodes and stuff.  So, I'm still trying to get back in the mindset of "Fantasy Book" NOT "anime series".  That way, it won't feel formulaic. 

The hardest part about writing The Second War has been Akemi's attitude.  She's a lot different in middle school and she's not as. . . humble.  It's strange having her act so vocal over petty things.  Even Tsukiko is different.  At this point, Tsukiko hasn't realized her feelings for Akemi so, while she's not "outgoing", she's still more direct.  It'll be nice once I get to the chapter where she finally realizes what's in her heart so that I can go back to how I'm used to writing for her.  Christophe's been an interesting character to develop also.  He can get a little hot headed at times but is extremely intelligent.  He's really playing a major role in this one compared to the more developed characters.

It's still strange when I have to tweak their language and personality traits for their age.  There's so much more that I'm having to take into consideration with their development than what I experienced with Yume.  It looks like I'll be finishing the core of the story up around December or January which means I should have the whole book done in 2010 or 2011 (after I spend all my time editing it).  I'd be happy with that.  But, I may have to work a little faster on the editing because I really want to get around to writing the Syndicate and the remainder of Kage (which is still in pieces).

For some reason, whenever the rains come, I'm able to write more frequently.  Strange, huh???

I had Pandachan update the website so that the JADED webcomics would show.  ^_^  So, if you want, go there and laugh at my horrendous photoshopping skills.  lol.  JADED's my new way of venting frustration at stuff going on in the real world or just anything that bugs me enough.  There's two on there right now and I'm sure there will be another one before the week comes to a close.

It's very effective!  ^_^

Also, I'm going to have a table at AFO!  YAY!!!!  Took them long enough to approve tables. . .   We're still awaiting approvall of the Otaku High Ultimate Trivia Tour for AFO.

A few new AMVs will be debuted at Metrocon, ACC, and AFO.  I finished one in one sitting on Sunday and I couldn't be happier with it.  I really hope that it does well and that lots of people enjoy it.  The other two are almost completed; I'm just being picky!  ^_^

Pandachan's about to start back up with school for the next few months until he graduates.  GO PANDACHAN!!!  He's been really great over the summer and has helped me out a lot with the website.  Can't thank him enough.

My whole workspace smells like onions.  I know that's really random, but. . . I had this awesome salad for lunch and I forgot to tell the lady not to put onions/olives on it so I had to pick them out and toss them.  And, of course, they'd be the red onions. . . so there they are. . . in my garbage. . . smelling. . . ick.

Anywho. . .

We're working really hard on everything for ACC to make it a great convention!  

If you're a cosplayer and would like to participate in one of the panels we're running, we're looking for 2 guys and 2 girls to help us with some demonstrations.  It'd be great if one of the guys wouldn't mind crossplaying.

Can't think of anything else that I need to post. . . Oh yeah!  That's right!  Soon we'll have the anime reviews and recommendations page up for a good amount of anime series.  Some of the links, of course, will not be working for a while as we plan to update the reviews and stuff gradually.  It's a lot of work so bear with us.

Thanks for reading!  Stop by the forums and our website for more detailed information on anything or just to browse!


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I'm so frustrated.

Advanced warning: this is going to be a rant.  And by rant I mean me complaining. . .  until I feel better. . . or don't feel better. . .  or can't complain any more.

I'm at my wit's end here.  My "day job" is driving me completely insane. I mean that. 

Here's some information about JADE that many of you don't know. . . .

I suffer from chronic asthma.  I'm also allergic to a substance called Glycol (it's in most soaps, some medicines, lotions, perfumes, cleaners, and sprays).  In addition to that, exposure to sprays, potent scents, and things that I'm allergic to set off my asthma.  My co-workers don't care.  I can sit there and cough up my lungs, wheeze, choke, and die and they flat out wouldn't give a hoot.  Seriously.  For the past like 2 years that I've been working there, I've had to take a crap load of leave (annual and sick leave) just to cover the amount of time I have to take off to deal with asthma attacks because of what these idiots do while at work.  I ask them to stop.  They don't.  I ask management to put an end to it.  They move me to the other side of the office and it still doesn't stop.  I still have to walk around the office and people keep using things that I'm allergic to.  I've brought several doctors notes about it, medical evidence showing what I'm allergic to and what happens when I'm exposed to it, and no one does anything.

Now, I'm having to go to the union for the 3rd time.  I've actually been hospitalized for related stuff because of what these people do.  So, on Thursday, I sent a final email to my manager and supervisor letting them know that I'm contacting the union for the last time.  Then, I emailed the union representative (who's in ORLANDO!) and told her what's been going on for the past 2 years.  My manager never responded to me.  But my supervisor did.  And WOW!  His stupidity is incredible!  He said, that, every time I have to use my inhaler at work, he wants to come over and sniff the air.

. . . .

. . . .

I'm sure that his nose is capable of determining just how something in the air makes my lungs contract.

. . . .

 . . .

Yes, he's actually serious. 

. . .

. . .

I'm sure there has to be some scientific logic behind it. . .

No, wait.. . .

There's not.

He just doesn't believe me or my doctors.  Does he have a medical degree????????  No.

But I'm sure that his nose makes him qualified to determine if I'm sensitive to the smell.

It's absolutely ridiculous.

Why is this person a supervisor?????  Why?!?!?!?!?

Seriously, that makes NO SENSE!

If he had done his job to start with, I wouldn't be in this situation.

By the way, we actually have a policy at work stating that people are not allowed to spray anything in our office.  Incredible, right?  I mean, they have a policy, they don't enforce it, so someone gets sick, then they continue not enforcing it, and then they wonder why that person complains about it so much and has to take a ridiculous amount of leave.


On top of that, I'm so frustrated, I can't concentrate on anything.  Anything!  I can't draw, write, do page layouts, edit stuff.  Nothing.

I'm completely shut down mentally and I don't know how to fix it.  It's driving me insane.  Here I am, on my time, on my weekend, my days off, and I can't get the things done that I wanna do for fun and for myself because of how I feel about all the crap going on at work. 

And I know that I shouldn't let people get to me like this, but it's just been going on for so long that I've snapped.  I don't know what to do next, I don't know where to go.  Hell, I don't even know what to say to the supervisor anymore.  He's a complete idiot.

If they don't fix it, I'm getting a lawyer to look at everything and see what he/she thinks.  They can't sit there and ignore it like they're doing.

I'm so pissed off!

I seriously can't even clear my head right now.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the next manga done because I can't even draw a face at the moment.  I'm sure that I'll go to bed tonight, wake up tomorrow, go and celebrate father's day in Fernandina, come home and pull and awesome all nighter and knock a ton of artwork out. . . but what about the next day and the day after that???

I can't keep taking hits like this.  It's driving me up the wall and shutting me down creatively.  I'm trying to create some short panels to express my frustration in photoshop to try and learn it, but that's just adding to the irritation.

Ever tried photoshop???

I'm behind on the latest technology so bear with me here. . .  I can't get it to draw things I want it to draw.  Like curvy lines.  I don't want to draw a "blob" - I want to draw a curvy line that doesn't waver as my hand shakes on the mouse because I don't have a steady hand.

I'll get past that though.

I hope. . .

I just feel bad for Panda-chan.  Poor thing has to see me all frustrated and evil all the time right now.

Hopefully, next week will be better at the "day job" and I can be more productive.

For now, it's back to the Vanilla Cokes and web browsing to try and calm down.

Sorry for ranting. . . I just really needed to vent some more. . .

yeah. . . been venting all day. . .

since like. . . .

Monday. . .

Thanks for listening.


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In order to continue reading this Blog, I'll need you to discipher this code to prove that you're a human and not a machine.


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We finally finished the bulk of the website today and updated everything.  

Such a relief!

We're still working on the "Recommendations" page. . . that's actually taking a lot of work and most of my attention right now.  That's really the only link that's not fully operating.  Also, the forums are getting some posts now (only by me. . . but. . . still.  A post is a post, right?)

So, feel free to log-into the forums and post whatever you feel like posting or answering some of my questions. . . concerning Tonberries. . . could really use some help there. . . grrr. . .

Thanks again for all the support! 


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I haven't been this dog sick in a while. . . as a matter of fact. . . it's been exactly one year since I last went to the hospital.  I've been sick for the past like 3 weeks with strep throat and I swear it's the most annoying thing ever.  Pandachan's been helping me out so much while I've been down.

When I have energy I help him with the site or I design a new sketch or two.  Dante's been driving me up the wall some times.  He's so energetic and wants to pull the phone/dsl cords. . . *sigh*  He just loves watching stuff fall.

Time for breakfast and then medication.  Haven't been to the day job all week.


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I've updated the War of the Magi section of the website to show. . . well information about The War of the Magi.  So if anyone's been wondering what that manga at my booth is about, that would be the place to go.  

While I'm never goin to stop doing fan art, my manga is where my primary focus is.  So, sorry if artwork's been slow.  It takes a lot of work to put that manga together.  

Also, Pandachan's working very hard to make the website better than it is right now.  So, if links go down or don't work, check back in a few hours or a day or two and everything should be fixed.

Also, there's another poll on my myspace, please check it out, add me, and vote!

Thanks again!


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Poll #1196381 Fan Artwork

Which character would you like to see in new artwork for Metrocon?

Yuko (XXXHolic)
Syaoran and Sakura (Tsubasa)
Chi and Freya (Chobits)
Rinoa and Squall (FFVIII)
L and Light (Death Note
Luffy (One Piece)
Cloud and Tifa (FFVII)
InuYasha and Kagome (InuYasha)
Vash The Stampede and Knives (Trigun)
Wolfwood (Trigun)

Supercon was great!  We'll definitely be heading back there for Anime Supercon and FL Supercon for many years to come!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and came to the panel! 

We had a great time.  I'm glad I got to meet a lot of you I've met online and those of you I've never met before.

I've been getting lots of feedback about the bookmarks and people are wanting to see new characters.  Let me know which characters you'd like to see.  The list below are ones already featured in the next batch.

Luffy (One Piece)
Haruhi (Melancholy)
L (Death Note)
Syaoran (Tsubasa)
Mokona and Modoki (Tsubasa/XXXHolic)

I've got enough room for 7 more of them!

And yes, this time I'll be sure to print extra Gaara.  ^_^

Thanks for the feedback!


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